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Five Stones Therapy 

Category: Mental Health, Therapy

Description: Five Stones Therapy is a private EMDR Therapy practice in Ohio. We started working on this website in 2021. Initially, we used Wix to build a simple but efficient website. As the practice continued to grow, we realized that the website would also need to expand.

Before long, we decided that Wix would not meet our needs and the ability to scale the website with custom designs and functionality.

While making the large shift from Wix to WordPress, we also set up a new .com domain. Within a few months, we had a website very similar to the one we created on Wix, but with even more functionality that the client needed.  Over the next several years, we continued to expand the website and ramped up on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), digital marketing/branding, stunning designs, and even a video-blog (Vlog). Further, we set up a Google Business Profile, secure emailing system, custom contact forms, and Google Analytics for data tracking.

In the past month, we successfully helped Five Stones Therapy move to a new web hosting provider to improve loading times and site performance. 

Now? The website is absolutely stunning and a great help for the therapist to reach new clients and colleagues for consultation.

Note: This website is not available as a template due to its largely-customized nature. Please contact us for custom WordPress websites.