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Web Design & Web Hosting for Businesses & Individuals

In the digital age, your business’s online presence is your lifeline, and at 937Creative, we understand the dreams and aspirations that fuel the hearts of entrepreneurs. 

Whether you’re a food truck owner, photographer, therapist, or college student needing a portfolio, a website can be a worthwhile investment. 

We’re not just another web design agency; we’re your trusted partners on the exciting journey to digital success. We will work with you to develop the website you never knew you needed… down to the finest, most minute details.

Let’s turn your vision into a pixel-perfect reality, crafting websites that resonate with the essence of your brand, so you can stand out in the competitive online landscape.

Let us be your creative compass, your technical wizards, and your reliable allies, helping you navigate the ever-evolving web to grow your business. Your dreams are our inspiration, and at 937Creative, we’re committed to igniting the spark that will make your business soar!

More About Web Design

It all starts with an idea...

Maybe your business is just getting off the ground, or maybe you’re 5+ years in the game and just looking for a new way to “step it up.”

In any case, the next best step to excellence is contacting 937Creative. Here’s how the process goes:

Step 1: Have a Great Idea!

Just take a second, close your eyes, and imagine what it would look like if you had the website of your dreams. What colors do you see? Images? What's the layout? How does it represent your brand?

Step 2: Contact 937Creative

Don't worry. We don't bite, but we do have some really great skills that I think you will like. For example, we can turn that great idea from Step 1 into a reality. We'll set up a meeting time (virtually or in-person in the Dayton, OH area) and start planning for your next steps.

Step 3: Purchase Hosting and A domain

If you don't already have them, you'll need to purchase both of these. Put simply, web hosting is where your site's files are stored. A domain is how your audience connects to your website. It's not as complicated as it might seem, especially because 937Creative will help you pick the most cost-effective hosting plan! We'll tell you what you may need based on the scale and potential file storage of your website. Not sure whether you have a domain/hosting already? We would figure that out in Step 2.

Step 4: Early Design Phase

Remember that great idea from Step 1? We're going to put it on pen and paper (well, digitally) and draft some ideas. Then, we're going to send you 1-3 prototypes and you'll tell us what you like/dislike. Then, we go back to the drawing board. Rinse and repeat until your dream is realized.

Step 5: Get Online!

Now, full transparency... it can take some time. Designing your website and publishing it can take weeks to months for the first "draft". But don't worry, we'll keep you posted along the way. You'll be able to take sneak-peeks at your site throughout the creative process. Once it's done - well, congratulations! You have a website!

Next steps...

You wouldn't buy a house and never fix anything or never make tweaks to keep up with the Joneses, right? (Maybe you would.. no judgement). But the same principle should apply to having a website. You'll need to maintain it to stay on top of the latest web-design trends, cyber security risks/exploits, and software patches/updates. That's why we offer ongoing maintenance plans. We don't sell you a website and keep it pushin'. We stay with you from the start and will regularly maintain your website, if that's what you'd like.

"But it has to be suuuuuper expensive, right?"

Not if you do your research and pick a web designer who truly has your best interests (not your wallet) at heart.

Seriously, shop around for a bit. Go look at some bigger, ~fancierschmancier~ web design agencies. Get some quotes. You’ll see that web design can get very expensive, very quickly.

Sometimes it’s worth it. Sometimes.

But if you find that it’s not worth it, please scroll back up to the top of this page and go back to Step 2. Contact 937Creative. Let us work with you to find the right price.

Flexible payment arrangements have helped our current clients get their website online while paying in multiple installments.

"Okay, I think I'm ready to make this happen..."

Excellent! So are we. Go ahead and contact us!

Click the button below to contact us and set up a time to chat.

"Wait. What if I have no idea what type of website I want?"

We’ve all been there. No worries. Take a quick moment to browse some of our premade themes on the marketplace, and either choose one that you like, or let us know if any of them inspire a more unique idea!